Preserving Herbs: Freezing

Preserving Herbs: Freezing

Today we go back to basics, ladies and gents. Something that is pretty straight forward and simple, but I often forget to do it myself until summer is almost over. So, if nothing else, a reminder!

Start preserving those beautiful summer herbs, people! Dry them, can them, FREEZE them, which is what I want to focus on today. My favorite method of preserving, because unlike drying, you get that fresh herb texture and flavor that is hard to find in the dead of winter.

We picked a ton of wild mint last week, and as much as I was using it, eating it, mint seeping out of my pores, I still had too much left. So, I diced it up, divvyed it between ice trays, and froze them in water. Frozen mint cubes are my favorite in Winter. It’s like this bright, fresh reminder of Summers past. My favorite way to use them is dropping a cube in a pot of tea; so refreshing and calming.

I also use them in cooking, mixed drinks, and sometimes even homemade soaps and body products. The possibilies are endless, my friends, endless!

For some herbs that I know I’ll be using in soups or dinner meals, I will do the same process, but use good olive oil instead of water. It keeps things like basil fresher looking and doesn’t water down whatever your cooking.


Preserving Herbs: Freezing Preserving Herbs: Freezing

Preserving Herbs: Freezing Preserving Herbs: Freezing

Well, I hope this post has inspired you to get movin’ on preserving your herb collection. Your future Winter self with thank you. Cheers!

xo Jessica

5 thoughts on “Preserving Herbs: Freezing

  1. I usually dry my herbs, but you’re right, in the dead of winter, the look and texture is, well, like dried herbs. Did I understand correctly, that you freeze herbs in olive oil? I would never have thought of that. I’ll have to try it!

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