Hello There! I’m Jessica, Welcome to A Pinch Here, A Dash There!

Hello there! I’m Jessica Elizabeth, and I love food. But more specifically, I love cooking from scratch; Which is probably what brought you here in the first place!  There is nothing better than making a freshly cooked meal with your bare hands that you can be proud of. You know how everyone says, “Just like Grandma used to make”? There’s a reason why; because it was always the BEST food, made from scratch with lots of love. The problem is, everyone thinks that cooking from scratch = too much time wasted, and lets face it, we’re all crunched for time these days. Sometimes it’s easier to pick up a frozen meal or take out food for dinner.

 I want to show you that it is truly possible to make foods from scratch in a timely manner with an incredible outcome. I will show you lots of quick tips,  how to plan ahead, and how to make it as simple as possible to cook meals from the heart that your friends and family will love. I like taking classic recipes, new inventions, and typical convenience foods, and showing that you can cook these things quickly, cheaper, and healthier than getting it in a factory box! Skip the chemicals, extra sodium and sugars, mystery meats, and processed foods, and follow along while I get back to the basics, and show you some fun new recipes along the way! Let’s start cooking from the heart! ❤

XOXO Jessica

NOTE:  If you have business inquiries or a suggestion for a dish or recipe please email me at:


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