Peruvian Dinner: International Night with Raw Spice Bar (It’s A Date)

       International Night is a tradition that my friends and I started long ago, and it’s always such a good time. Every month, we pick a country that we want to focus on. We all do our research on their cuisines and classic dishes, and each make one to share.  Not only do we learn a lot, but we get to try recipes from around the world and really expands our horizons and palletes.

Needless to say, I was very excited to get an email from Raw Spice Bar, a company that focuses on making incredible blends of spices in small packets, to ensure that your spices are always fresh and fragrant as possible. Every month, they send a themed set of 3 spice packets. I recieved Andes in Peru, which I was very intrigued by because truthfully I don’t  think I’ve ever made peruvian food before.DSCN1328

They also send along 3 recipe cards to go along with the spices. Because I have little experience with Peruvian food, I decided to stick to the recipes given.

Each dish was fantastic in its own way, and although the spice blends were different, they all somehow worked together perfectly, making for an amazing meal.

I think by now you all know that’s don’t often take an offer from a company to try their product and then post about it. I truly believe in giving you guys the reviews on stuff that I am really impressed with. Raw spice bar is definitely one of them.

There was the pink peppercorn and sea salt blend was extremely floral and enticing. With that hit of salt, it was perfect to add to chocolate. DSCN1338

The Peruvian spice rub was smoky with a kick of spice.  Cumin really stood out in this blend and was amazing on chicken.DSCN1341

The Aji Amarillo Spice blend was also quite smoky, with the Amarillo chiles adding the perfect amount of heat. It paired perfectly with the sweet potatoes.


All in all, I highly reccomend giving raw spice bar a try. It’s $6 a month for a new kind of spice blend set to try every month. Completely worth every penny!

Peruvian Spices Raw Spice Bar apinchadash.comDSCN1329DSCN1361

DSCN1330DSCN1372 DSCN1331DSCN1383