She’s Got Legs: A Kitchen Concoction for Summer-Ready Legs


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I completely and totally neglect my legs in the winter. By the time its dress or shorts weather, they’re translucent white and scaly dry, and those are two things that are most definitely not fun.

Keeping with the theme of cooking from scratch, this beauty recipe comes right from your kitchen..and you probably have all 3 ingredients in your pantry right now. No need to go spend $60 on a scrub that is probably full of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances anyway. As a person with sensitive skin, none of those things go over so well. Especially when you are shaving; you are bound to get teeny little nicks on your legs. So, why get weird stuff in there? Au Naturel is the way to go, people. If you did a blind test of this and a pricey scrub, I bet people would pick this one, hands down, and think it was expensive. Ultimate luxury, right here!

This concoction does wonders. Smoothens, exfoliates, tightens. I like to shave, use this scrub, and shave one more time. You remove lots of extra dead skin and hair that way. Literally the smoothest legs I’ve ever had. It’s hard to stop rubbing them together. Ooooh Aaaaahhh.      Hellooo, Spring!