Grilled Sausage and Pepper Burgers

Summertime means fairs, carnivals, boardwalks, and food trucks. Can you guess what my favorite thing to eat is? Wow, you’re so good! Yes- Sausage and Peppers. When I walk into the fairgrounds, the warm sunset shining on my face, the cool, crisp wind blowing through my hair. The sounds of rides, dinging games, and people laughing. The first real thing I get a whiff of is those sweet, crunchy peppers sizzling with those caramelizing onions. The spicy, fragrant sausage frying. How could that not make your mouth water?!

Needless to say, I had a major hankering for some this week. I usually just make them the normal way: sausage links in a hoagie roll. But I wanted to try something a little different this time. And that my friends, is how the Sausage and Peppers Burger was born!

I think this may just be the new way I eat this dish from now on. Putting the sausage into a burger patty was not only delicious, but a lot less messy too. Whenever I have sausage and peppers, And get my first bite into the sandwich, everything seems to just pull out with it and fall out all over my shirt. Is it just me? ! See, I wouldn’t be surprised.. In case you didn’t know, my true nickname is Messy Jessie. (And for good reason).

Here’s how to make

Grilled Sausage and Pepper Burgers

Serves 4

What You’ll Need:

+ 1 pound ground beef (or you can use turkey for a leaner burger)

+ 8 ounces italian sausage links (hot or sweet), removed from casings

+ 1 clove garlic

+ 1 teaspoon oregano

+ few sprigs fresh basil, minced

+ 1 onion, cut into quarters, root end still attached

+ 2 bell peppers

+ 4 slices provolone cheese

+ 4 burger buns of your choice (I like Kaiser)

Combine the meat in a large bowl. Add the minced garlic, oregano, and basil. Add a pinch salt (about 1 tsp) and a dash of pepper (1/2 tsp.). Form into 4 patties. 

Heat your grill to medium high heat. Place the peppers (whole) on the grill, along with the quartered onions. TIP: Leaving the root end in tact when you cut the onion into quarters will keep the onion layers from falling apart on the grill. Doing this cooks more of the onion and at a faster rate than putting a whole or halved onion on the grill. 

Turn the peppers and onions every 5 minutes or so, or until all of the sides have nice chared grill lines. Remove from grill. Allow to cool, and then slice the peppers into thin, long slices. The onions into thin slivers.

Place the burger patties on the grill, and cook for about 5 minutes per side. Once you flip the burger, place the slice of cheese on the cooked side so it’s gets all melty. Assemble your burgers, and dig in!

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