What I’ve Been Up To and What I’m Loving: March/April Addition

Hello there friends! I must start off by apologizing for my absence on here lately. I’ve gotten a few emails from you guys asking why I’ve been silent, and I suddenly realized it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been on here! Where has the time gone?! Spring is my busiest time of the year, unfortunately, and although I am always cooking and photographing it, sometimes it sits on the back burner until I have some spare time to edit and post.

Anyways, in the mean time while I get my act together here, I wanted to post my monthly ‘What I’ve Been Up To’ for you guys and gals.

What I’ve Been Up To

These are kind of out-of-order, but you get the idea. I’ve been so stressed out and over worked the past few weeks, so any free time I’ve had has been spent enjoying the warm weather and trying to relax. Oh, and of course, cooking!


1)  This past weekend was my fella’s birthday. I bought some fireball whiskey and we celebrated with friends around a big bonfire. It was a much needed relaxing night.


2) First bonfire of the season! Oh, it feels so good to be back.


3) A fun Saturday morning breakfast of Cocoa Pancakes.


4) I got overly excited about the warm weather and started unpacking all of my summer clothes. (And then we got 2 inches of snow yesterday. Cursed.)


5) We had a fun night with friends. Beer, snacks, and some good music, on vinyl.


6) Speaking of good music: It made my stressful week exciting when we ordered tickets to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash this summer at an outdoor concert. I so badly wish Neil Young was playing, too. Maybe he will make an appearance. P.S. If you don’t like CSNY, we can no longer be friends. (just kidding..kinda) 😉


7) I got an AMAZING surprise gift set from my Dad. Look how stinkin’ adorable this ceramic egg and creamer set is. In my favorite color, non the less. I am in love with them. (Thanks, Dad! <3)


8) Our first grill night of the season! This was sausage tacos with a grilled pineapple salsa. The recipe will be on here soon!


9) Lastly, here I am after hours in the rain, boiling Birch Sap to make wine! We’ve done this for the past few years, and although it’s a lot of work, it is highly rewarded with the end result. Some of the best wine I’ve ever had. We save a few bottles from each year to hold onto. It’s neat to have a collection for special occasions. I’m hoping to document it enough this year so I can post about how we do it.

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What I’m Loving

I’ve been silent on here, but I’ve been pretty busy on Pinterest this month. It’s kind of my stress reliever at the end of the day, or I browse around while sipping my coffee in the morning. It keeps me inspired and motivated to keep trying new, creative, and exciting things. It’s easy to fall into the work rut sometimes, as I’m sure all of you know.

**None of these photographs are my own. Click on the photo to go to the link where I found them.


1) Complete and total truth.


2) How adorable are these little bunny rolls? Definitely making these for Easter Dinner.


3) If you know anything about me at all by now, then you know how much I LOVE the 60’s. Everything about it. The music, fashion, style, etc. I’ve been looking at photos of Marrianne Faithful and thinking about getting those bangs again. It’s a constant battle, because although they look cool, they bother me 80% of the time. Ah, Decisions.


4) HAHA, this made me laugh, because I do this all. the. time.


5) Nutella and Berry Bruchetta?! Why haven’t I made this already?!


6) Warm weather means lots of braids. Loving this braided updo by Lauren Conrad.


7) Strawberry Bath Soaks. I bet it smells amaaaaazing.


8) Words of Wisdom.

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Well, I’m sorry again for the delay and we should be back to the daily grind shortly. Apinchadash.com is still going to have a complete makeover soon, and I have a whole bunch of yummy new recipes just waiting to be shared with you. So, until next time….

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