DIY Tin Spice Rack

DIY Spice Rack

As we all know, the most essential thing to cooking, and creating any sort of flavorful dish, is SPICES!

Today I have something extra special for you guys. A project that I have been wanting to do for years, and I finally got around to it. I must say after all of the anticipation, I am not disappointed at all! I am in love with this thing. (Is that weird?)

This DIY tin spice rack is inspired by Alton Brown on his show, Good Eats. Many years ago, while watching his show, I envied his amazing little velcro spice rack tucked away on a cabinet door. Not only does it save a ton of space, you get rid of that bulky ugly packaging, and it’s a great way to get organized. If you’re like me and order spices that come in bags, it is essential to have some sort of air tight space to store them in once they arrive.

DIY Spice Rack DIY Spice Rack DIY Spice Rack DIY Spice Rack

I’d like to mention that although my spice rack is somewhat exposed to light, it is best to store spices in a dark place. In my little vintage kitchen, I don’t have any cabinets and have to work with open shelves, so this is the darkest space in my kitchen. Perhaps I’ll make labels to put over the clear tops. The open cabinets is even more of a reason that I needed this spice rack! I’m sure you can imagine how bad and cluttered it looked with all the food packaging. I’ve been slowly trying to get everything in vintage jars.

Anyway, back to the DIY. You want to be sure that you get tins that close tightly. After a lot of research, I ordered these and they are perfect. This is a pretty straight forward project and soooo simple. So let’s get to it!

DIY Spice Rack DIY Spice Rack DIY Spice Rack

Here’s what you’ll need:

+ Tightly closing party favor tins with clear tops

+ a roll of velcro

+ spices

+tags, or dry erase marker

Start by figuring out where you want your spices to go. Using a ruler, measure an equal number of rows and make marks to ensure that your spices are even and level. Cut the velcro strips into equal sections. Place the rough pieces on the wall or cabinet where you marked. Put the soft side on the tins. Fill the tins with desired spices, label, and stick. If the velcro isn’t staying put on the wall, you can always put a staple through them (but I haven’t had an issue yet).

So simple! Enjoy!

xo Jessica