Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup

Roasted-Garlic Tomato Soup

Yesterday, I made a batch of my ‘infamous’ Homemade Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup for the snowpocalypse we didn’t really get (who woulda thought!). I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook, and got a lot of people asking for a recipe, so here it is! (I apologize for not having better quality photos).

There’s just something special about grilled cheese and tomato soup on a snowy day.

I grew up eating the canned tomato soup, and I was never really a fan of it. Watery, bland, and just didn’t seem like real tomatoes. Once I made a batch of my own, I never had the canned kind again. You may think it’s way easier to open the can of soup then spend time cooking it from scratch, but it really doesn’t take long at all! Sometimes, I’ll make a huge batch of soup, and freeze it into serving sizes. That way, anytime someone’s craving a bowl, they can just heat it up and it’s ready to go.

Besides, have you seen what’s in that canned soup?

High Fructose Corn Syrup as the second ingredient?! Yikes! Why, oh why?! I don’t put any sugar in my soup, it’s just not necessary. Then you have wheat flour, and all kinds of other funny ingredients. My soup is all natural, and gluten free!


Alright, enough of the talking. Let’s get to this recipe!

Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup

Serves 4 to 6

What You’ll Need:

+ Roasted Garlic (recipe to follow)

+ 2 (16 oz) cans of all natural diced tomatoes  (in the summer, I use about 8 fresh tomatoes)

+ 2 shallots, diced

+ 4 cups vegetable broth

+ bunch fresh basil leaves, diced

+ Sprig fresh thyme

+ salt and pepper, to taste

+ 2 Tablespoons milk, cream, or half and half

Roasting garlic is super simple, and sooo tasty. Cut the very top off of the whole garlic head (just to expose the tops of all of the cloves, and peel as much of the papery outside off as you can, without breaking it apart. Drizzle the whole head in olive oil, and wrap in aluminum foil. Bake at 400 degrees F. for about 25 minutes, or until the cloves feel soft and caramelized.

Now, Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a pot. Cook the shallots over medium heat until soft. Add in the tomatoes, and 4-5 cloves of the roasted garlic. Cook for about 5 minutes, and add in the vegetable broth, basil, thyme, salt and pepper. Allow to simmer on low for 15 minutes (if you have the time, simmering for longer will let the flavors develop better, but not necessary). Using a stick blender or regular blender, Puree the soup until smooth. Drizzle in the cream. Taste, and add more salt and pepper if needed. Serve!

Enjoy! xo Jessica