Old Fashioned Burgers and Crispy Baked Onion Rings

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Crispy Baked Onion Rings apinchadash.com

If I could describe Summer in a few words, it would definitely be Sunshine, Warm Air, Cool Water, and BBQ’s, specifically, Burgers. It’s the American dream, really. But, there’s a reason we are all so in love with summer outdoor fun and parties, and have been for a long time. There’s just something so nostalgic about it. A time where we can all sit back, relax, laugh, and enjoy each others company in the fresh air. Like a so-long to those dreary cold months we all spend cooped up inside (I envy those of you with no bad winters).

So, if we’re going to be nostalgic, we should be eating the best darn burgers that ever existed. The original burgers. Those beautiful,  flat, juicy patties with the charred, caramelized lines across them. Those soft, decandent (sesame) buns, and ooey gooey cheese. It makes my mouth water even as I think up these descriptions in my head. That just shows you something! Those burgers you could get in classic diners and drive ins, where the ladies would skate over to your car with a tray of goodness.

Why we ever strayed from the simple, classic patty, I’ll never know. But I’ve had everything from 8 inch thick mini patties to hockey pucks.

What’s the difference between the original burgers and the ones we find today? Well, it really all comes down to fresh, simple ingredients.

The old fashioned burgers that I make consist of good, freshly ground beef (I do it myself), and a good helping of salt and pepper. That’s all it needs, and all it will ever need. Add your favorite toppings, and it’s the perfect burger. When you have good quality ingredients, you don’t need much. Forget the egg, breadcrumbs, and whatever other weird stuff people put in them. The point of the hamburger is to really showcase that amazing beef flavor, not mask it. This is the classic.

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