What I’m Up To and What I’m Loving: February Edition

Can you believe it’s already the end of February?! It’s scary to me how fast time is flying by. Sometimes I just wish it would stand still for a while and let me catch up!! Although, I can’t complain too much- this dreadful New York winter should be leaving us soon (I hope). March is going to be bringing a lot of amazing things to apinchadash.com, and I really can’t wait to share it all with you!

I wanted to do another ‘What I’m Up To and What I’m Loving’ like I did last month, as you all seemed to really enjoy it and I did, too!

 For those of you who don’t know what this is, I wanted to share with you What I’m Up To on Instagram the past few weeks, and What I’m Loving on Pinterest. If you aren’t following me on either, go do it (please)! You will get to see more behind the scenes and fun photos, plus we can share what we’re loving and pinning on Pinterest (I’m addicted and on there every night).

Alrighty, so lets start off with What I’m Up To. 

APINCHADASH.COM1) My dog wouldn’t get off my lap while I was working on the computer one night. Cute distraction! 🙂

APINCHADASH.COM2) One of my all time favorites: Baked Sweet Potato Fries. Super Simple to make and  they come out crispy and wonderful.Topped with some garlic powder, crushed red pepper, black pepper, and sea salt. 450degrees for 20 mins on a wire rack. Perfection.

APINCHADASH.COM3) I was watching The Goonies a few days ago, and I made this meme. I wish I could stumble upon a walk in freezer full of ice cream….

APINCHADASH.COM4) I made Johnny Cash Chili the other day. Sooooo good. Especially with this frigid weather.

APINCHADASH.COM5) I enjoyed my Friday night with a few sips of this yummy stuff. It tastes just like Apple Pie. I bet I could make some amazing drinks with this!!

APINCHADASH.COM6) I was doing some ballet and it always reminds me of this photo of Chris Farley. He was the best.

APINCHADASH.COM7) Many of you may not know this, but my other love is music. I was given this autoharp a few Christmases ago, a similar style to June Carter. I absolutely love it, but it needed some fixing up, which is just what we did this week!

APINCHADASH.COM8) I made this amazing breakfast pizza yesterday morning. Sunny Sides, Sausage, Peppers, and Onions on chewy Ciabatta bread. LOVE. I might post the recipe soon!

APINCHADASH.COM9) Life Lessons from Heavyweights. Don’t put Twinkies on your pizza.

APINCHADASH.COM10) This is my new creation from today. Georgia Peach Pie Smoothie. Peaches, oats, greek yogurt, flax seeds, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla. Sooo good!!

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What I’m Loving

(I do not own any of the photos below. Click on the photo to view them on Pinterest)

0a4e90c20d8349f970c1244992b83e041) This picture not only made me laugh, but inspired me as well. I tend to live in the third row, and I’m tired of it. FRONT ROW!

15b24b6fe3f3facb8b8dfac53001227c2) How cute is this?! I think it’d be neat to make ‘food art’ and hang it up in the kitchen.

1e1be78e5e546d68f2d143818a145fdf3) I want to do this EVERY DAY in the summer.

deaa5a080e7d3c9c44241ae9ac1db1094) This Greek Yogurt Cheese looks SOOOO good, and easy to make.

986bc9276293824faa70ea5e30e7b0c55) This woman fed a family of 4 on $12 in groceries a week. I wish….

8094b111f4afa63b56a0e30e976588786) I tend to forget about braids in the Winter time. But why?! I love this loose side braid she has, and of course the gorgeous, glowing makeup.

ef5dc46e1883b61762a9232b650531c17) I thought this was such a cute idea for kiddos on St.Patrick’s Day (even for the big kiddos).

b7dc82c68147174c1e26735b7bab70d98) This was a really good read. I’ve been much more fit in the past few years and it really is a super important habit to start!

ed88be6c8355ff45f67a7108666629299) Who doesn’t love some cheap and easy face masks to make their skin glowy?

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We’ll be back to the daily grind shortly with tons of new and exciting recipes.

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