Warm Apple Pie (Drink)


The nights sure have been getting chilly here in New York. As the official first day of Autumn, I thought I’d share with you my all time favorite new drink that really hits the spot on these chilly nights. I call it Warm Apple Pie, because that is exactly what it tastes like! Warm local apple cider and a shot of cinnamon whiskey is the ultimate treat! I have seen people make a similar drink to this with hard apple cider (which is delicious as well), but considering the fact that I wanted a warm drink, apple cider it is!

I give you fair warning now, though; this drink seriously tastes so good, that next thing you know you’ve had 5. It’s a dangerous (but oh so good) drink, that’s for sure!

So, snuggle up with your loved ones around a fire and sip on this tasty treat! It makes Autumn all that much sweeter!

Warm Apple Pie (Drink)

Serves 1

+ 1 cup apple cider, warmed

+ 1 shot cinnamon whiskey

Combine the warm apple cider and cinnamon whiskey in a mug. I like to use a cinnamon stick to stir and serve with it! It’s that easy. Enjoy!

xo Jessica