Black Flame Candle Punch (Hocus Pocus: DInner & a Movie)

I put a spell on youuu….and now you’re mine!

Well, Halloween is just around the corner now (only two more days!), which means that of course, I am watching Hocus Pocus!


I love all of the classic scary and creepy Halloween movies, too, but there’s just something so amazing about Hocus Pocus, and it has become a tradition to watch it every single year, at least once.

So, in true apinchadash fashion, I had to come up with a themed drink to sip on while watching.

Black Flame Candle Punch just seemed so appropriate. The black flame candle, after all, is what brings the Sanderson Sisters back from the dead!

This drink couldn’t be any simpler to make, and you can keep it alcohol free, or spike it for the adults. It’s delicious either way!

Black Flame Candle Punch

Makes 2

What You’ll Need:

+ 1 cup blueberry juice

+ 1 cup cherry cola

+ 2 ounces whiskey (optional)

Combine all in a pitcher or between two glasses. Stir, and serve with ice if you’d like.

On a side note: Any of you American Horror Story fans who are waiting for the next part of my menu, it will be up next week! Sorry for the delay.

Haven’t seen my American Horror Story: Freak Show menu? Click Here!

xo Jessica

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