Blue Crystal Rock Candy


I am a huge Breaking Bad fan. I have been watching the show from the beginning, and I can’t believe that there are only TWO episodes left for the entire series.

Today AMC will be airing the second to last episode, so I wanted to share with you guys the menu I made inspired by Breaking Bad last year. Maybe you can celebrate the final episodes with a Breaking Bad inspired meal! Without further ado….

I have 2 more recipes that are made with Blue Crystal, so before we can make the rest of this meal, LETS COOK some crystal! 


Blue Crystal Rock Candy

Makes about 3 cups

What You’ll Need: 

+ 3 cups white sugar

+ 1 cup light corn syrup

+ 1 cup water

+ blue food coloring

Add all 3 ingredients to a medium saucepan over medium high heat. Stir until the sugar is mostly dissolved. Add about 3 drops of blue food coloring.


Attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pan (do not let it touch the bottom). Cook the sugar down until it reaches 275 to 280 degrees F. Don’t worry about stirring too much, every once in a while is fine.

DSCN5879Grease a cookie sheet, and pour the mixture onto it. Allow to cool and harden.

 Once it is completely hard, smash it with a mallet so it breaks into tiny pieces. (THIS IS THE FUN PART!)


There are tons and tons of things you can make with this candy, you don’t have to follow the two that I am doing. It is even delicious (and addicting) on it’s own! (It is sugar after all).

Stay tuned for the remaining Breaking Bad inspired recipes!

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